Antenatal Baby Care Classes in Bristol

Learn how to not only survive, but thrive in the first year with your baby. Discover all of your options without feeling pressured to choose a particular path.

Swaddling To Toddling provide antenatal classes covering not just labour and how to be prepared but how to care for your baby during the first year and beyond.

These 6 classes, each 1 hour 30 minutes long, break down the first year of your baby's life into easy to understand segments. They cover a range of content from making decisions and successful sleep patterns to feeding your baby. 

Parenting Your Way


Whether you're a first time mum or experienced with babies we have new tips, strategies and advice to make your family life smooth and successful.

6 Week Course

 Week 1

Labour and Being Prepared 

Session Summary

Feeling prepared

Dealing with worries

Knowing what to expect

Having a positive birth

Understanding those magical first moments

For complete session content, click here.

Antenatal Full Package

What can I expect from Swaddling To Toddling?

Memorable, detailed useful information

Discover up-to-date research, advice and a range of views and opinions.

Time to practice essentials skills

Master baby care chores in a neutral, welcoming atmosphere. 


Guidance for making plans for your new life

We welcome all questions and listen to your own priorities and goals.




Bias Free Advice

Why should I choose Swaddling To Toddling?

This antenatal course provides a range of opinions so you can feel confident that each decision you make is the right thing for your family. 


Each activity is specially designed to prepare you for your baby. The mixture of activities cover everything from understanding parenting to knowing what vaccinations to expect.


We give out 6 high quality booklets and handouts that you can refer to throughout the first year of baby and beyond. Full of useful techniques, surprising statistics and key safety advice. This is also available online, for members, as a helpful reminder wherever you are.


We thoroughly enjoyed these informative, fun and interactive sessions. Marie explained the options clearly allowing us ...not to feel pressured into doing things one way or the other...” 

—  Claire, View more

Support Supplied

What help will I receive after the birth?

Swaddling To Toddling provide email support after the birth to answer any new questions that you have.


Perhaps baby is struggling to nap or you are worried about something, no question is too small.

During the social time after each session there, you can also unwind and chat to similar couples, whilst making friends in your area.

Bristol Locations

Where can I find these classes?


Swaddling To Toddling is based in the east of Bristol and can be enjoyed at a warm and welcoming venue:
Downend Folkhouse - BS16 2RW

These antenatal courses run for most of the year, on Thursdays from 7:30pm at Downend.

View upcoming class dates.

Book Your Antenatal Course Today!

How can I book my Swaddling To Toddling antenatal course?

Click on the date which work best for you below to pay online and secure your place. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

It costs £195 for this 6 week antenatal course, this covers both the pregnant lady and a partner of choice for free.

If you have work commitments or other unknown factors I do take pay as you go bookings, please email for more information.


Ideal for Jan and Feb due dates.

28th Oct - 2nd Dec 

9 hours session time

£195, Partner comes free

Handouts, online access to information, post birth support & refreshments all included.

Book at Downend


Ideal for April and May due dates.

6th Jan - 10th Feb

9 hours session time

£195, Partner comes free

Handouts, online access to information, post birth support & refreshments all included.

Book at Downend


Ideal for June and July due dates.

3rd March - 7th April

9 hours session time

£195, Partner comes free

Handouts, online access to information, post birth support & refreshments all included.

Book at Downend

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Understand Your Baby

Choose Swaddling To Toddling

Swaddling To Toddling Highlights


Be equipped to cater to your baby's every need. Understand what an average day could be like for your baby at different ages. Learn what cues to look for to begin communicating with your baby from day one. Access all of the information on the members page of this website from any device. 


Practice many skills with a realistic model baby. Choose the best methods which work for you. Become confident with changing nappies, dressing, washing, feeding, holding and winding a baby. Know how to place baby down to sleep in a safe effective way. 


Reflect on your own values and aims for your baby. Plan a routine and set of strategies which you believe in. Think about how you and your partner can work together so you are both well rested, have time to bond with your baby and are happy as a family. 


Meet couples in your local area and get to know them well before the birth. Spend time each week over a hot drink and refreshments discussing your worries, experiences and goals. Join a WhatsApp group if you choose and begin socialising in your free time. 

Be Supported

After your baby is born you can email any questions you have to Swaddling To Toddling. Be supported if you need advice on your baby, their routine or to discuss any content that we have covered during the course.