What will you learn?

Swaddling To Toddling Antenatal Classes Bristol

This course is all about looking after you baby once it arrives. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn over 6 engaging sessions which combine information, practical activities and discussions. The wide range of memorable antenatal activities will equip you with the skills to succeed in the first year, as a new family.

You will find out about different ways of feeding and napping your baby and try out everyday tasks that all parents tackle. Discover the many secret steps which can help your baby sleep and then learn the difference between day and night. Also discover different feeding positions and find out when they will be useful. Learn about baby cleanliness, teething and understand what the NHS recommends whilst considering what is possible in real life. 

Finally you will be able to discuss and consider your own parenting wishes and goals and reflect on how you can achieve them. Learn how to build up your self esteem and confidence when caring for a baby. Find out how to manage comments from friends or family and sustain and improve your close relationships.

packing a hospital bag for your baby, swaddling to toddling antenatal classes, Bristol
Session 1
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The hospital bag, understanding and managing labour.


  • Know how to pack hospital bags for your birth

  • Consider your priorities for your labour

  • Practise turning worries into positive thoughts

  • Be prepared and plan ahead

  • Understand baby's ideal position

  • Know the signs that baby might be coming soon

  • Discover the 5 key stages of labour

  • Learn from birth stories

  • Order pain relief options by considering their pros and cons

  • Find out about assisted births

  • Practise breathing for labour

How to bond with your baby, Swadding To Toddling antenatal classes
Session 2
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Parenting, Changes and Goals

  • Find out what to expect when recovering from birth 

  • Discover baby's likely appearance and reflexes

  • Learn how to hold baby in different ways

  • Consider essential equipment and how to choose it

  • Decide on the type of parent you wish to be

  • Understand matrescense - the process of becoming a mother

  • Consider the role of dad and how to work together

  • Understand possible changes, problems and solutions

  • Sort the causes and solutions to arguments

  • Practise arguing effectively

  • Plan how to share the chores for the first year

breastfeeding, feeding routines, expressing milk, winding a baby, dealing with baby sick, Swaddling To Toddling antenatal classes
Session 3
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Breastfeeding, expressing, formula and routines.

  • Knowing baby's hungry, full, tired and windy cues

  • Understand demand or routine feeding

  • Make formula

  • Find out how food and drink can affect breastfeeding

  • Understand how breastfeeding works, how to do it, increase supply and when to ask for help

  • Discover how to hand express and guidelines for pumping

  • Consider the emotional strain of breastfeeding

  • Know all of your support options

  • Practice identifying reflux, colic and other problems

  • Learn how to wind a baby

  • Plan your feeding and weaning for the first year

sleeping babies, swaddling, sleeping routines for your baby, Swaddling To Toddling antenatal classes
Session 4
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Sleep, swaddling and crying.

  • Understand sleep safety guidelines

  • Practice putting a baby down to sleep effectively

  • Understand how temperature can affect sleep

  • Find out sleep myths and truths

  • Link sleep problems with causes and solutions

  • Discover strategies to reduce and prevent crying

  • Learn how to use routines to enable baby to sleep through the night

  • Learn about different personalities of babies

  • Plan steps for helping baby to sleep

  • Find out about co-sleeping

  • Practise swaddling a baby in different ways

nappies, disposable nappies v reusable nappies, Swaddling To Toddling antenatal classes
Session 5
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Dressing a baby, changing nappies and bonding.

  • Know what babies should wear and when

  • Practise dressing baby, collect time-saving tips

  • See 2 model poos and know what to expect

  • Know the average size wee and full nappy of a healthy baby

  • Learn how to change a nappy with wet wipes or cotton wool

  • Understand nappy sizes, costs and signs of a good fit

  • Discover how changes in poo and wee can be symptoms

  • Find out about preventing and curing nappy rash

  • Compare reusable with disposable nappies

  • Discover how to bond with baby

  • Know baby's average developmental milestones

how to clean your baby, how to bath your baby, topping and tailing, baby hygiene, Swaddling To Toddling antenatal classes
Session 6
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Cleaning, bathing, teeth care and general hygiene.

  • Learn to clean your baby from birth

  • Practice washing their face and bottoms safely (topping and tailing)

  • Know how to care for their eyes, ears, umbilical cord and soft spots

  • Try out options for holding a baby when bathing

  • Practise washing a baby

  • Collect advice for teeth care from day one

  • Know teething symptoms, signs and solutions

  • Plan your baby's first aid kit 

  • Know the guidelines for general hygiene

  • Find out about vaccinations and how to help babies cope

  • Understand behaviour as your baby grows quickly into a toddler