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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Who runs the sessions?

I am Marie Richards, the main antenatal course leader at Swaddling To Toddling. I have been a primary school teacher for ten years, a dance teacher and a piano teacher. I love sharing ideas, teaching people of different ages and boosting confidence in others. I particularly enjoy creating engaging and memorable activities.

Every time I run the sessions I expand the course a little more to build on previous people's needs and concerns. I also adapt the sessions to suit the groups currently taking part, their preferred activities and styles of learning. I am happy to chat anytime about any questions you might have, feel free to send me a short email or enquiry.

How did it all begin?

Since having my own baby I have discovered a constantly growing passion for reading baby books and understanding the current research on child development.

Over the years I have worked my way through at least 30 books, covering a complete range of opinions, parenting styles and suggestions.

I have combined all of this learning into 6 fun and interactive sessions, all of that information is available to you in easy to absorb snippets.

Why is this the class for you?

This class is all about looking after your baby once it arrives. If you are worried about how to effectively care for your baby and how to provide their daily needs then this is the class for you. After the first session on birth, preparation and labour you will travel through 5 key aspects of baby's lives. In each of the sessions on baby care you will be shown how to complete the daily practical tasks that challenge all parents, be given time to make decisions about how you will manage your new family and learn from interesting research bites. We encourage you to consider all of your options before choosing the ideal paths for you and your new family.

This course is a secure foundation for a great understanding of babies, toddlers and family relationships, from here you will be given some interesting books for further reading if you wish, a variety of options for support and guidance and handy information packs to flick back through as a reminder of your learning.

If you currently have a busy lifestyle and are feeling exhausted from balancing work with other life pressures and the energy needed for growing a baby, then this class is for you. Pop along after work to relax, chat and reflect. Take part in thought provoking activities which really prepare you for being a parent. The sessions are quick and full of practical activities as well as useful information and advice. Then you can put your feet up and enjoy the free refreshments while you meet other couples from your local area.

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