Healthy Snacks For Pregnancy

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

When pregnant it is common for women to feel hungry in between meals and nauseous. It can also be difficult to eat large meals in pregnancy as the stomach has restricted space.

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Feeling hungry but not sure what to eat? Read on to be inspired!

It can be tempting to choose easy and quick snacks which are high in sugar and fat. This can lead to more weight gain than you need and want, which can be difficult to loose after baby is born. Everything you eat also feeds through to baby and can influence their tastes when weaned. Some people think it can give baby a sweeter tooth if you eat foods high in sugar regularly, when pregnant and breastfeeding.

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Help your body to feel great and boost your mood!

Snacks can be just small versions of healthy meals, which contain fruit and vegetables, wholegrain, lean protein, low fat dairy and nuts and seeds:

20 Tempting and Healthy Snacks To get you through your Pregnancy

1. Pitta bread with grated cheese, turkey slices, boiled eggs, salmon or sardines with salad.

2. Small sandwiches with hummus, ham, tuna, chicken slices and salad.

3. Fresh fruit and raw vegetable sticks - carrot, cucumber, tomato slices.

4. Cooked vegetable sticks - carrot, parsnip, butternut squash cubes, broccoli, baby corn, edamame beans.

5. Celery and a small amount of peanut butter (100% peanuts no sugar or salt).

6. Low fat yogurt with fruit.

7. Small handful of dried fruits such as apricots, sultanas, figs and prunes.

8. Bean, vegetable and lean meat soups.

9. A small bowl of porridge with fruit.

10. A small bowl of healthy cereal (low sugar and salt, wholegrain).

11. A small handful of seeds.

12. A boiled egg and spinach leaves.

13. A small baked potato with a handful of grated cheese, mashed tuna or toasted seeds, yogurt and chives.

14. Low salt and sugar baked beans on wholegrain toast

15. Milky drinks (such as real banana milkshake).

16. A small slice of malt loaf or fruit bread.

17. Crackers with a small dip of guacamole

18. Cottage cheese with crackers, bread sticks or a small slice of wholegrain bread

19. Popcorn (without added butter, sugar or salt)

20. Homemade salsa and a few sweet potato wedges (roasted without oil)

Knowing what to eat when pregnant, antenatal classes, pregnancy advice,
Unprocessed, low salt and low sugar options are best!

Perhaps try one a day and see if it improves your energy, mood and increases your other healthy choices.

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