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happy family, antenatal class reviews, parenting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I complete this course?

You can take part in this course at any stage of your pregnancy. The ideal time to start is around week 30 to 32.

  • What will I learn on this course?

You will learn all about preparing for labour and how to have a positive birth, following this you will learn and practice all the key skills needed for caring for a baby: how to parent, feeding baby, successful sleep, nappy changing and hygiene. 

  • Can men join this class?

Anyone is welcome to join this class​, feel free to bring along a partner, mum or any relative or friend who might be caring for your baby. Time together to discuss priorities now will benefit you greatly when the baby is here and you're short of time.

It is really beneficial if you both agree on your goals and understand what methods you want to use and why.

  • Can I come on my own?

You are very welcome to come on your own, it will all still be relevant .

  • Can I take the course twice?

Of course as many times as you like.​

  • What do I need to bring or wear?

You only need to bring yourself, I will provide information, note paper, pens, equipment, comfortable chairs and refreshments. Feel free to bring anything else which will make you comfortable when pregnant.

  • Is there any movement?

There are no labour style movements in this class. This course is all about looking after your baby once it arrives. There will be opportunities to try out skills such as winding or dressing a baby.​

  • Can I make friends on this course?

Y​es, each week there will be social time for you to meet local people. There will also be a WhatsApp group set up if you so wish, so you can socialise in your own time.

  • What if I have my baby before the course finishes?

If you are taking the course near your due date and happen to have your baby earlier than expected I will refund any classes missed. I will also give you a summary of the information that we would have covered.